Excire Foto Review

Organize your photos with AI

Photography February 11 2022
Excire Foto Review
Isabella Tabacchi Landscape Photographer

By Isabella Tabacchi

Excire Foto is a software which uses AI to organize your pictures. You can classify your photos by keywords and that’s a good method aiming to find them easily.

Excire Foto is a really interesting software, especially for a chaotic photographer like me.

Excire helps you to classify very well your pictures and it has a lot of features that we’ll explore in this blog post.

This app came after Excire Search, a plugin for Lightroom with the same goal to organize our pictures easily. 

A special thank you to Sandro Bedin, one of my students and Excire Foto ambassador. He’s always full of ideas, one of those devoted customers who always suggests new fantastic things to try.

After a very busy time I finally had the time to try Excire and found out that it is really useful for my workflow. Let’s see why!

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How to download Excire?

You can download and try this software by clicking on the banner below. The license costs 69 and you can try the trial version for 14 days.

After the installation process on your PC or your Mac, Excire will be ready to classify your pictures.

You can download and try this software by clicking on the banner below. The license costs 69 and you can try the trial version for 14 days.

After the installation process on your PC or your Mac, Excire will be ready to classify your pictures.


This is the main interface of Excire Foto. As you can notice, here are several features that will help you to classify your pictures from all your computer folders and hard drives.

Where to start? Well, let’s see everything step by step!

Excire Foto  interface getting started photo management

First of all, let’s add the Folders. We can add the folders of the RAW files in our hard disks or in our computer for example.

I have many hard drives so I just added two of my “RAW Archives”.

When you’ve added the folders, the second step is to Analyze the pictures to let the software classify them with its AI intelligence and its default keywords.

To use this feature, you’ll need to go on the left, click with the right button of the mouse on the folder you’ve added previously.

Excire Foto will take some time to analyze all the pictures. My analysys was quite long because I have over 22k RAW files per “RAW Archive”. I think it was at least half an hour long, but it depends on your computer performance too.

Excire Foto Analyze

Sort your photos by Keywords

On Excire Foto, you can find the keywords on the right. There are default keywords that automatically classify your pictures with the AI.

You can explore your photos by keywords going down on the right and clicking on the keywords under Content or Photography.

Excire Foto keywords

You can create your own keywords.

You can do it by clicking it on each image or selecting more of them and adding the new keyword on the right.

This is a very useful feature for me, to classify my RAW files by different characteristics than places. 

Indeed I usually classify my pictures by places with Collections.

Creating Collections on Excire Foto

Collections are another way to classify your pictures on Excire Foto. 

I suggest you use Collection just to divide your photos in big categories like projects or places.

For instance I started to create a summer collection and a winter one for Alpe di Siusi, a location in the Dolomites that I visited several times during the years. 

In this way I’ll have all my winter or summer views of Alpe di Siusi in two collections and I’ll never forget to have some wonderful pictures of that spot!

Colors and Ratings on Excire Foto

On the top of the interface there are two additional options to classify your images: Rating and Colors

You can also find these features on other softwares and they couldn’t be missed here.

For me the rating is very important to understand which are my favorite pictures in the folders or in the collections.

Excire Foto Labels

From Excire Foto to Photoshop

Excire Foto allows you to open your RAW files in other external softwares too.

That’s essential for a good app like this. Indeed, I manage my pictures to select them for the editing phase. This process is a part of my workflow, even after a long period of storage.

You can open a picture in another software by clicking on it with the right button of the mouse.

On the opened menu, you choose Open with… 

Choose Adobe Photoshop

If your image is a RAW file it will be opened in Camera Raw as it happens on Adobe Bridge.

Excire Foto open in Photoshop

You can also click on Choose application to open your file with another editing app.

Unfortunately Excire Foto can’t open the pictures in Lightroom because this Adobe app has its own way to export and organize the photos. 

So, if you work with Lightroom and you like the Excire Foto features, you have to import the chosen RAW files separately. Otherwise you can consider to buy Excire Search, the plugin for Lightroom.

Excire Foto: my opinion

Excire Foto is a very useful software for everyone who has a huge archive or several hard drives and can easily get confused with so many images.

The price of 69 € can be high for a simple photo manager but not so high for all these AI functionalities like the keywords.

I suggest you get the trial. If you like this way to organize your photos and think it can be really useful for your workflow, then Excire Foto is the best choice.

Isabella Tabacchi Landscape Photographer Landscape Photography
About the author 


Isabella Tabacchi is an award-winning landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.

Despite her young age, she is is one of the most influential landscape photographers.

She is Hasselblad Heroine, MIFA Photographer of the Year 2020 and won the third prize as International Landscape Photographer of The Year.