Why should you attend my advanced online Photoshop course?

-This is not a simple course about luminosity masks! You will learn to start from your post-processing goals, creating a logical workflow on the needs of your RAW file!

-You will learn what luminosity masks are and how to best use them; thanks to the TK7 panel you can make very precise adjustments in the image, giving a natural effect to your final photo editing result.

Recover all the data contained in my RAWs and shape them to get what you saw in front of you while taking pictures, giving your photos something more, a style, an identity, an emotion.

-You will understand how to make small steps and adjustments to get pictures with a strong but natural visual impact.

-You will see different types of workflows, including difficult editing techniques such as focus stacking, double or multiple eposure (day and night photography), panorama.

–You will receive a lot of creative ideas to create your style over time, giving an identity to your images.

-The course consists of 7 lessons of 2 hours each and you will have all the time to practice between one lesson and another, thinking about my teachings over the days.

-I will create a video corrections on your exercises between one lesson and the other, so you will have all the possible material to learn the best and remember what you learn!

Landscape photo editing live tutorial before Your Pic photo editing tutorial
Super assistance

You can decide when you wish to attend the 7 lessons after the purchase, according to my availability. The lessons will last 2 hours each.

RAW and reality

You will learn to recover the best of the information contained in the RAW. I will teach you a lot of techniques to have all the info in your images!

The fabulous world of luminosity masks

Learn to make very precise adjustments, decreasing post-processing time, with the help of Tony Kuyper TK7 panel for luminosity masks.

Mood and magic

Create a magical dreamy atmosphere in your images, find out how to develop that creative sense that makes the image special.

Online as in a classroom

I will create video corrections of your home exercises (I will give you my RAW to practice after the lesson).

Landscape Photography workshop

What do you need to attend this course?

– Headphones and microphone.

-Download Zoom and create an account if you don’t have it on your PC / laptop yet. No webcam needed.

Adobe Photoshop (possibly the latest version)

-A good internet connection.

TK7 panel by Tony Kuyper for the luminosity masks. If you don’t already have the extension, the day before the course you can buy the panel with my 20% discount code, paying about $ 23 instead of $ 29.

You can place your order through the buttons of each course scheduled down here.

The teacher will respond to your order with the invoice and the confirmation of the booking of the Photoshop course.

Anyone who attended a basic Photoshop course with me will have a 15% discount on this course, collective or individual!

For more and any information about advanced courses and much more, contact me by clicking here.

The teacher

Isabella Tabacchi is a landscape photographer who in a few years has been recognized in the photography industry thanks to her images with a particular visual impact, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people on social media and collaborating with important brands of the photography industry including Hasselblad.

Despite her young age, she is considered one of the most important landscape photographers in the world.

She is awarded as photographer of the year 2020 in the MIFA awards, she won third place in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. For three consecutive years she has been juror in the Epson International Pano Awards competition. In 2021 she received the title of Hasselblad Heroine.

Since 2016, Isabella has taught thousands of people, organizing workshops and courses in the Italian Dolomites and around the World.

Isabella firmly believes in the importance of photography culture and instruction and thinks that, despite her great achievements, there are still an infinity of things to learn that she can’t wait to achieve in the future.

Finding the way

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