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Choose between individual and group courses with a maximum of 10 participants. If you choose the individual course, you can also decide when you wish to attend the 7 lessons. The lessons will last 2 hours each.

RAW and reality

You will discover how to best edit your pictures and get the scene you saw while taking pictures thanks to focus stacking and multi-exposure techniques. You will learn to recover the best of the information contained in the RAW.

The fabulous world of luminosity masks

Learn to make very precise adjustments, decreasing post-processing time, with the help of Tony Kuyper TK7 panel for luminosity masks. You can use them for a lot of things as well as for the adjustments! A world will open up to you.

Mood and magic

Create a magical dreamy atmosphere in your images, find out how to develop that creative sense that, without distorting the reality of the scene, makes the image special. You can draw inspiration and then create your own style over time.

Online as in a classroom

Don't worry, even if I'm not physically there with you, you'll get the same amount of assistance as in a classroom course. You will be able to practice and if necessary, and if you need, I will be able to remote control your laptop to correct your mistakes when you are wrong!

The importance of this online Photoshop course

Many of you ask me every day why post-processing is important in photography, how much photo editing is needed and what my thoughts are about it.

A beautiful image is made up of many elements; many of you have learned to know me through my photos and know very well how important it is for me to be creative during the shooting phase, in order to capture the best the light conditions in the landscapes. But then, after the shooting phase, we get a lot of raw files from our camera. And what will we do with these raw files?

Many of you ask me every day what I do to achieve a compromise between realism and dreams and many others wonder if there is reality behind the perfection, the amount of information and details contained in my images.

My answer is yes, because through my advanced techniques I recover all the data contained in my RAWs and shape them to get what I saw in front of me while taking pictures, but giving my photos something more, a style, an identity, an emotion.

If you are interested in finding out what is behind my words and being inspired by me, I can only recommend this Photoshop course of advanced techniques with TK7 luminosity masks.

Check out my Gallery page if you don’t know my photographs!

Your Pic photo editing tutorial

My image “The breath of Matterhorn” ready to be exported!

What will you learn during this advanced online Photoshop course?

-You will learn what luminosity masks are and how to best use them; thanks to the TK7 panel you can make very precise adjustments in the image, giving a natural effect to your final photo editing result.

-You will understand how to make small steps and adjustments to get pictures with a strong but natural visual impact.

-You will see different types of workflows, including difficult editing techniques such as focus stacking, double or multiple eposure (day and night photography), panorama.

–You will receive a lot of creative ideas to create your style over time, giving an identity to your images.

-The course consists of 7 lessons of 2 hours each and you will have all the time to practice between one lesson and another, thinking about my teachings over the days. At the beginning of each lesson we will look at the work each of you have done. In the last lesson we will practice on a workflow that contains the most important techniques I teached you and if you have any doubts and if you wish, I will also be able to remote control your desktop to correct your mistakes as in a normal classroom course!

What do you need to attend this course?

– Headphones and microphone.

-Download Zoom and create an account if you don’t have it on your PC / laptop yet. No webcam needed.

Adobe Photoshop (possibly the latest version)

-A good internet connection.

TK7 panel by Tony Kuyper for the luminosity masks. If you don’t already have the extension, the day before the course you can buy the panel with my 20% discount code, paying about $ 23 instead of $ 29.

Which is the payment method?

You can place your order through the buttons of each course scheduled down here.

The teacher will respond to your order with the invoice and the confirmation of the booking of the Photoshop course..

By paying and registering for the course, you accept the general sales conditions.

Anyone who attended a basic Photoshop course with me will have a 15% discount on this course, collective or individual!

For more and any information about advanced courses and much more, contact me by clicking here.

Landscape photo editing live tutorial before Your Pic photo editing tutorial
Braies image before editing Braies image after editing

What happens if I miss a lesson?

If for various reasons you can’t attend a lesson, if you’re in a group course, you can schedule another meeting with Isabella Tabacchi, to repeat it with no additional cost.

If you’re attending an individual course, you are free to decide when to attend the lessons and plan them with me.

Upcoming Photoshop courses

Individual advanced Photoshop course online

Individual advanced Photoshop course online

Start and finish the course when you wish!

Price: € 490

Group advanced Photoshop course online

Group advanced Photoshop course online


The teacher

Isabella Tabacchi, also known as Isabellandscapes is a professional award-winning landscape photographer.

Since childhood she has been passionate about nature and photography. After the scientific high school, Isabella studied Pharmacy at the University and in the meantime refined her photographic techniques and digital photo editing advanced techniques with Camera Raw and Adobe Photoshop. In 2017 she started a self emloyement as a professional landscape photographer and she also collaborates worldwide with photo schools, photo brandsorganizing events and meetings about photo skills training and digital photo editing.

Her an Instagram account, @isabellandscapes, that reached over 130k followers. With her typical dark style, she influences thousands of amateurs in the worldwide photo community.

For years she has explored and studied the Alps and in particular the Dolomites. What Isabella  loves most about landscape photography is finding in every natural scenery some elements such as lines, stones, flowers that in the composition can guide the observer’s eye towards the main subject, a mountain, a volcano, a tree.

Coach in photo editing techniques with luminosity masks using Tony Kuyper TK7 panel, an extension plugin for Adobe Photoshop, she is part of the plugin development team since 2019, having translated the seventh version into Italian.

Her great passion for landscape photography has brought her many achievements, as she won several international photography awards and has been on the jury of the prestigious Epson International Pano Awards for three consecutive years and Hasselblad X You Competition.

With the goal of melting landscape photography with the medium format quality, she collaborates with the medium format camera company Hasselblad, together with she takes part in many campaigns and organizes workshops and webinars.

In the summer of 2019, Isabella explored the volcanic lands of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East Russia, together with two local guides. From this journey the project “Kamchatka: to the abyss of the Earth” was born, which led her to win the title of Photographer of the Year 2020 at the Moscow International Foto Awards.

Isabella placed 3rd in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2020, the most important landscape photography contest in the World.

Her shots have been chosen for international social, advertising and editorial campaigns by Adobe, Behance, Hasselblad, Daily Mail, Newsweek, The Sun, National Geographic,The Atlantic, Digital Camera SLR UK, N-Photo, Foto Cult, Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography UK, The Phoblographer, My Modern Met, Msn, The Times, The Telegraph,, Der Spiegel, Dove.

isabella tabacchi fotografa di paesaggio
Finding the way

My Instagram gallery!