Online photoshop classes

A great shot is made of many elements; I think that it’s important to pay attention to the shooting phase but that also that the editing of it it’s a fundamental. A RAW file has to be “shaped”, to tell something more; many hidden informations can go out from the shot coming from our camera.

If these informations, but also emotions, colours, shades don’t come out correctly because you can’t post-process your image as best, also the best shot can become very ugly!

My pictures become alive in Adobe Photoshop because I enphasize every fantastic element of them.

My images have to tell my emotions and moods but also what that place I captured told me.

It’s not necessary to invent new elements, great skies that there weren’t in the time of shooting, because WE HAVE already everything!

We have only to get out the best from our shots!

If you like what I do with shots like the one in the image down here, I offer you many chances to learn logically and in a creative way my image editing method through Adobe Photoshop.

My Photoshop online classes are individual and consist in Skype calls where I share my desktop and I explain how to work a shot (or more) from Adobe Camera Raw to the end in Adobe Photoshop.

The class will be registered with Camtasia 9, so you’ll be able to watch the lesson when you wish.

I’ll be always available for every tip and assistance, forever.

It’s available in English and Italian.

In addition, my cunstomers will receive respectively a 20 % and 50% discount in the purchase of:

  • Tony Kuyper Luminosity Masks Panel V6; a plug-in which is fundamental in my editing method.
  • OrionH panel; a plug-in for astrophotography image editing (Milky Way, deep sky, startrail).

And returning customers will get a 20% discount on the price of the video!

So… would you like to learn more?