What is Your Pic photo editing tutorial?

The concept of Your Pic photo editing tutorial was born many years ago, when I was watching tutorials about post-processing in landscape photography. Was really interesting to see how photographers edit their own images and the several techniques they used, so inspiring!

But many times I realized how that techniques and the several adjustments made on those pictures didn’t fit with many of my images. That’s because every RAW, every image has a different light, different tonalities and contrasts. For sure exist images with a similar mood, but will never be totally the same.

In this situation, amateurs that just started from scratch or are beginners in certain techniques, sometimes, don’t understand how to apply the knowledge to their own images. And I think it’s more immediate to learn new techniques properly if they watch tutorials made on their own pictures! 

Your Pic photo editing tutorial is a video tutorial where I edit your image! I’ll show you how I would edit your picture according to my workflow and explain to you why and how a picture evolves in a workflow. I’ll lead you to my advanced techniques.

How does Your Pic work?

When you’ll request Your Pic by filling the form down here (valid as info request), and you will answer by mail which option you chose, you will have to send me the RAW file/files that you wish I edit for you with WeTransfer to my email address info@isabellatabacchi.com.

Your Pic photo editing tutorial will be recorded with a desktop and audio recording software. The video will be ready and sent after 1-2 days; if you buy the video while I’m traveling and I can’t register it at that moment, I will let you know when I can record it and when it will be ready after my journey.

If you wish I add subtitles to Your Pic, the editing time of the video will be 6-7 days.

Your Pic photo editing tutorial Your Pic photo editing tutorial

“The last light of autumn”, before and after post-processing.

I will send you the video together with the .psb high resolution file with all the Photoshop layers, the .psd resized file with the web sharpening technique, the Camera Raw presets for the basic adjustments I made in your RAW, one “Watch First!” subtitled introduction video about my workflow and the use of Luminosity Masks.

I’ll send you everything by TransferXL.

What knowledge should you have to watch the Your Pic photo editing tutorial?

My workflow includes advanced techniques in the use of masks, layers and selections in Adobe Photoshop. So, a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop development techniques is required.

If you don’t have the necessary knowledge yet, the good news is my services include group and individual Photoshop online classes for beginners, that you can check and book here.

Also, if you attended a Photoshop online class for beginners, you have a discount 10% off on Your Pic photo editing tutorial!

What softwares and plugins will you need to practice after attending Your Pic photo editing tutorial?

During the Live Tutorial, as in the workflow I create every day, I will use:

Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (Camera Raw is included in the installation of Adobe Photoshop)

TK7 Panel for Luminosity Masks, an essential plugin in my workflow. If you buy one of my coaching services about advanced photo editing editing techniques you will have a discount code 20% off in the purchase of the panel (the final price will be about 23 dollars).

Your Pic photo editing tutorial before Your Pic photo editing tutorial after

“Lonely in the Alps”, before and after post-processing.

Which is the price of Your Pic and how to pay it?

You can choose between the following options of Your Pic video:

Full editing of a single shot with TK7 luminosity masks

Simple Focus stacking (only merging) *

Hard Focus stacking (only merging) **

-Simple Focus stacking + full editing with TK7 luminosity masks

-Hard focus stacking + full editing with TK7 luminosity masks

Panorama (only merging)

-Panorama + full editing with TK7 luminosity masks

Double exposure/ multiple exposure (only merging) with TK7 luminosity masks

-Double exposure/ multiple exposure + full editing with TK7 luminosity masks

*SIMPLE FOCUS STACKING: Merging of shots with different focused point, where the elements in the image are aligned. For instance still elements, stones, still flowers.

**HARD FOCUS STACKING: Merging of shots with different focused point, where the elements in the image are not aligned. For instance flowers that moved their position from one exposure to the other because of the wind, so much longer work. 

If you wish I add subtitles in English, specify it in the “Add note” area in the form.

The addition of the subtitles will increase the cost of the tutorial, as the work to insert them for every sentence and shortcut is longer.

The payment will be made by a Paypal invoice that I’ll send you after you sent me the RAW file/files.

Fill the form to receive the pricing list!

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After the Live Tutorial you will learn to…

Understand what adjustments your shot needs to get the best of its elements.

Take advantage of all the informations in your RAW.

Focus on the editing of the details in an image.

Get a magical mood that partially nature gave us being captured in our RAW.

Some of my landscape photography works…