CATCHING THE INFINITY – Large Size – Limited Edition – 1 of 6


CATCHING THE INFINITY – Medium Size – Limited Edition – 1 of 6
Size: 41,3 X 55 inches


Deadvlei is a very popular location in Namibia and my dream has always been to capture this place in the night. When I arrived in this location in the heart of the Namib desert, I was astonished and impressed from these spectral trees in a characteristic natural floor.
I started to take shots at the sunset and search for new compositions; I had the wish to have a special image from that location. Then, when I saw that tree, that looked like a hand, I immediately had an idea and realized I was able to capture the Magellanic Cloud inside the “hand”. So I decided to take many shots to create a double panoramic image (upper part and that incredible natural floor). As almost always I took many double exposures to have both sky and foreground with the correct exposure.