WAY TO UDINA – Large-Size – Limited Edition – 1 of 6


WAY TO UDINA – Limited Edition 1 of 6
Size: 41,3 X 55 inches


Udina stratovolcano captured from a volcanic cone in the area of the Tolbachik volcano, in the Kamchatka peninsula. The image portrays also a little way that apparently leads to it, crossing a valley of ash and cinder. The Udina stratovolcano is almost 3000 mt tall and in that moment was illuminated by the shy light of the sunset, as very often during those days the light was filtered by the mist.
I went on that volcanic cone two times, once in the afternoon and once before the sunset and, as that road leading to Udina immediately caught my attention, I took the same image in both my ascents to the cone.