Start this new year with my new calendars. Lot of landscapes, nature photography and images about breathtaking sceneries from our Planet.

The calendars are printed on premium paper and you can choose different sizes, S, M, L.

You will have some of my personal favorite landscapes in your room, office, kitchen or wherever! The calendars with my photos are also a perfect Christmas gift, so don’t miss the chance to get them soon!

The calendar includes my 12 personal favorite pictures from Switzerland, Namibia, Kamchatka, Lofoten, Dolomites and Iceland.

For each month of the year there will be a landscape that takes all the page in the calendar. The numbers and the days of the weeks are very clear and in an elegant form.

In the M and L size versions is possible to read the title of the image and where it was taken.

The celebration days are also indicated in this calendar, so you won’t miss them.

The calendars are produced and shipped by Saal-Digital.

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