Photo Tours

  • Travel period: Leknes, February 10th 2020, no later than 12.00 AM - Leknes, February 17th 2020, no earlier than 10.00 AM
    Available Seats: 4

    This arctic group of Norwegian islands is home to the some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural landscapes. With a fresh coat of white, the Lofoten Islands come truly alive as they are host to jagged mountain peaks and quaint red villages by the sea.
  • Travel period: Marco Polo Airport, Venice, June 18th 2020 - Marco Polo Airport, Venice, June 25th 2020
    Available Seats: 1

    Welcome to the epic mountains of the Italian Dolomites. In the early summer of 2020, Isabella Tabacchi and Daniel Laan will take you to see wildflowers, misty mountains and starry nights high above the clouds. This is a landscape photo tour you will not soon forget.