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Effective Date: January 1 2022

Terms Of Service

The customer accepts the following conditions of this contract through the payment of the services and the products by Isabella Tabacchi Photography.

  1. Purpose of the present terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Isabella Tabacchi Photography and people (customers) who buy goods (Your Pic tutorials, Photoshop coaching, workshops, prints and Downloadable Video courses) on this website.

The terms and conditions apply in the current version at the time the contract is concluded. Depending on the customer’s device, this document can be printed out and / or saved.

Isabella Tabacchi Photography can change these terms and conditions at any time, without giving reasons and without prior notice.

  1. Offer and conclusion of contract

The prices in the Isabella Tabacchi Photography website and related platform like Podia, Teachable, Shopify and others where Isabella Tabacchi sells the products represent an offer within the Italian law.

In the website and related platform like Podia, Teachable, Shopify and others where Isabella Tabacchi sells the products, after entering the customer data and clicking the order button, the customer enters into a binding sales contract with Isabella Tabacchi Photography and accepts the terms and conditions.

  1. Price, due date, payment

The prices in Euro, Dollars and Pounds listed in the website and related platforms are to be understood as valid prices. The listed prices are inclusive of Italian iva.

Price variations are possible. The price stated at the time of acceptance is decisive.

The purchase price is due immediately upon conclusion of the contract. The shopping cart is paid for immediately. Once the transaction is successful, the customer will be able to download the items they purchased or they will be sent to him immediately by email or, in case of prints by delivery. If the purchase is a service, such as a coaching, the appointment of the coaching will be decided after the payment of the coaching fee.

Isabella Tabacchi Photography reserves the right to change prices at any time without giving reasons.

The following payment methods are available to the customer in my shop:


During the ordering process you will be redirected to the PayPal website. Taxes and transation fees may apply. In case of invoice, the customer has to pay the invoice before receiving the product.

Bank transfer

After an agreement of purchase between the seller and the buyer, the buyer will receive the IBAN number and the BIC/SWIFT for the bank transfer.

Credit card/Stripe

The customer will pay with credit card to purchase the item or the service. Transaction fees may apply.

Other payment method, Google pay, Apple Pay

The customer will pay with these method to purchase the item or the service. Transaction fees may apply.

  1. Delivery

The orders are generally available to the customer for download immediately after payment or are produced on working days and then dispatched. Or can be coaching services to be scheduled as an appointment. However, Isabella Tabacchi Photography reserves the right to deliver (and thus download) the ordered products at a later date for various reasons (in particular technical malfunctions of various kinds). Please contact me immediately if the download does not work so that the problem can be fixed as soon as possible.

Isabella Tabacchi Photography is entitled to temporarily or permanently change, interrupt or discontinue the download option at any time.

There is no entitlement to further downloads after the first complete download (re-downloads).

The download link sent is valid for 10 days. After these 10 days, the right to a download lapses.

Delivery of the Video courses sold on Podia and Teachable

The video courses are purchased through Podia and Teachable, platforms that will show the video chapters on the platforms or downloadable from the platforms. 

On Podia there is the possibility to chat with the seller/teacher. The buyer can create an username with password.

Isabella Tabacchi Photography, however, reserves to delete from the platform and block any user/buyer with bad behaviour (for instance contradicting the teachings in a way that the seller considers not respectful) or any fraudolent/suspicious activity against Isabella Tabacchi Photography company and her work.

The video course are not refundable and every request or attempt to claim back the purchase and any damage to Isabella Tabacchi Photography work will be lawsuited according the Italian law.

  1. Copyright in Downloads

The downloads are protected by copyright. The customer receives the simple, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable right to use the offered documents for exclusively personal use in accordance with the copyright law in the manner offered.

The downloads offered are an intellectual creation by Isabella Tabacchi Photography and have an individual character. They are therefore protected by the Italian copyright law in Art. 13.

The customer is allowed to download downloads once. These images are intended for private use. However, the customer is expressly granted the right to use the image material unrestrictedly and in full in private. It is also allowed to publish the images on social networks such as X-ing or LinkedIn and to use them for application dossiers.

If the customer would like to use an image commercially or commercially (for example on a company website or for an advertising campaign), he must inform Isabellandscapes Photography by Isabella Tabacchi in advance. In this case Isabellandscapes Photography by Isabella Tabacchi reserves the right to assert reproduction rights according to current image tariffs.

Isabellandscapes Photography by Isabella Tabacchi undertakes not to publish any image material or to use it for self-promotion without the express written consent of the customer.

Any review or promotion of the video courses and other items, services sold on Isabella Tabacchi Photography website and other platforms has to be approved by Isabella Tabacchi Photography first. 

  1. Disclaimer of Liability

The content in the products for download (samples & templates) was created with great care.

With the purchase the customer accepts the disclaimer.

  1. Sales conditions about online coaching, digital products and prints
  • Isabellandscapes Photography by Isabella Tabacchi doesn’t take any responsibility of refund if the buyer is not satisfied about the product or the service after the payment or if the product is not as the customer expected.
  • Especially regarding the result of Your Pic video tutorial or the Skype lesson, it depends on the quality of original RAW that is delivered from the buyer to Isabellandscapes Photography by Isabella Tabacchi. Isabella Tabacchi will do the best to take out the best of the picture delivered but is not guaranteed that the final image will be as impressive as her works or as the customer expected, especially if the quality of the original RAW is not good in her opinion. “We have already everything” means just that a correct RAW has every information that can be shaped to improve the image (or the exposures in case of multiple exposure, focus stacking or panorama) but this doesn’t mean that the editing of the image is everything in the creation of the final picture. Post-processing is something part of the process, we can really improve the images, but a shot that is technically not good at the beginning will never be comparable with an image that has the best light and composition since its creation during the shooting phase.
  • The official description of the final product of Your Pic video tutorial and Zoom lessons is:

The video, an .mp4, the intro video/ videos about my workflow, also .mp4, a psb file of Adobe Photoshop with all the layers that explain the editing techniques used, a psd file of the resized image for web, a jpeg 1080 px on the long side and the XMP files, which are the presets of Camera Raw.

  • In case the customer opens a Paypal claim using “The buyer reported that the item they received wasn’t as described” as a reason, this will be considered an attempt of theft, as Isabella Tabacchi delivered all the files written in the official description of the final product. Besides, the purchase is considered to be done in Italy and it’s applied to Italian law. Isabella Tabacchi will do legal actions if the customer opens a claim after accepting these conditions through payment.
  • The Photoshop online coaching 1 to 1, Photoshop lessons, basic and advanced course are not refundable. Sometimes happens the customer purchases and books the online course, attends one or two lessons and then disappears. If you don’t have time to attend the course, you can plan the lessons when you have more time and ask me for a confirmation if you don’t read back from me. I can’t refund the course if you buy it and then disappear.
  1. Sales conditions about the workshops and photo tours
  • When the customer books an individual workshop or a photo tour there is not a refund. However, it’s possible to reschedule it. 
  • For group photo tours and workshops, the refund conditions are applied depending on the type of workshop or tour and are written on the photo tour/workshop booking/ info page.
  • I will not cover any other additional costs, such as your individual travel.
  • Our landscape photography workshops take place in all weather conditions and there is not the warranty for specific weather. We will get the best of all the possible weather conditions and during the workshop you will receive all the possible knowledge to take the best images in all your adventures in nature after our workshop.
  • There is not the guarantee that the sky will be clear that night during the workshop, but we will do our best to teach you all the techniques of the art of night photography and be always at your disposal for every question also after the workshop.
  • There won’t be the refund if the customer won’t appreciate the location, the weather, the hotel booked, the food.
  • If the customer has a bad behaviour with the other customers or with the workshop leader (Isabella Tabacchi and/or her colleagues), disputing, contradicting the teachings in a way that the workshop leader considers not respectful, ruining the harmony of the group, the leader (Isabella Tabacchi and/or her colleagues) will be able to exclude the disrespectful customer from the workshop or photo tour and he won’t have a refund.
  • Isabella Tabacchi and the eventual other workshop leaders don’t have any responsibility for eventual accidents that can happen to the customer during the workshop or photo tour. The customer books the workshop at his/her own risk and is responsible for his own accidents and liability insurance.
  • Isabella Tabacchi and the eventual other workshop leaders are not mountain hiking guides, alpine guides, just teachers of landscape photography; so the workshop takes place in the location described and promoted, everyone of customers will reach the location by their own, at their own risk and Isabella Tabacchi and the eventual other workshop leaders will not be responsible for eventual accidents that can happen on the way to reach the workshop location (hiking trail, road…).



Isabella Tabacchi

January 2022