What is a Live landscape photo editing video tutorial?

On the web you can find so many tutorials that teach us many things and that promise to make us to live a good learning experience. Sometimes, however, we have too many questions and we feel the need to ask the experts so many questions while we are watching the tutorial.

The post-processing of an image can often create so many questions in us, especially when we’re watching a photo editing tutorial.

So, there is nothing better than watching me editing your image, in a Live Landscape Photo Editing Video Tutorial, where I show you my workflow and explain you why and how a picture evolves in a workflow. I’ll lead you to my advanced techniques with TK panel.

How does the Live Tutorial work?

Live landscape photo editing video tutorial is a Zoom meeting in which I’ll share my desktop and I’ll show you how to edit your RAW files in Adobe Camera Raw e Adobe Photoshop.

Il live tutorial is individual, you only need to have headphones and a microphone to talk with me.

How will you remember everything I told you during the Live Tutorial?

Live landscape photo editing video tutorial will be recorded with a desktop and audio recording software , so don’t be afraid to have that sensation of emptiness in your head after you saw all the techniques in my workflow. You will be able to watch the Live Tutorial video when you wish!

Landscape photo editing live tutorial before Landscape photo editing live tutorial after

“The breath of the Matterhorn” before and after post-processing

After the Live Tutorial you will learn to…

Understand what adjustments your shot needs to get the best of its elements.

Take advantage of all the informations in your RAW.

Focus on the editing of the details in an image.

Get a magical mood that partially nature gave us being captured in our RAW.

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