Photoshop classes for beginners

The best basic Photoshop course for those who start from scratch and want to learn how to improve their pictures in a logical way! My exclusive logical method to understand the photo editing in Photoshop without any plug-in!

Live landscape photo editing tutorial

If you’re a Photoshop beginner, start from this Photoshop course!

Adobe Photoshop is a huge software. I use it every day to edit my pictures and I know how a beginner feels lost in a software that can be used for so many purposes!

Since several years I teach my landscape photo editing techniques and I can understand how much people need to learn a logical workflow that makes Photoshop much easier to learn.

This course will give you the basic knowledge of photo editing in Photoshop and you will never feel lost anymore in front of this wonderful software!

Prato Piazza Winter in the Dolomites

Basic Photoshop Course

6 lessons of 2 h

My exclusive logical method to understand the photo editing in Photoshop without any plug-in!

Buy for $ 590

Not the usual Photoshop course! Much better!

The goal of this course is to learn the Photoshop instruments used in photography, but not only. You will learn to understand the needs of your image!


What do you need?

  • A good internet connection.
  • Headphones and microphone.
  • Download Zoom and create an account if you don’t have it yet on your PC/laptop. You don’t need a webcam.
  • Adobe Photoshop


You will start from scratch and learn to use the right tools to reach what you wish, understanding the needs of your image!


Learn to improve your images just with the Photoshop adjustments, layers, masks and selections! Simply and logically.


Learn how to export your images and prepare them for the web and print. Learn to use the sharpening and resize the images also for web!

Why should you attend this Photoshop course?

  • You’ll learn which are the most important tools in photo editing with Adobe Photoshop and how to use them. Create your workspace you you’re image’s needs!
  • You’ll learn to make basic adjustments in Adobe Camera RAW and import your files (JPEG and RAW).
  • You’ll learn the basic knowledge about the color adjustments and the color theory.
  • Layers, masks, selections and channels… how many things! You will learn how to use them to edit your image in a very simple way and get good results, also not in all the pixels of your image but only in some areas.
  • Learn how to correct some details in your picture. Use some tools to delete little dust spots or small disturbing elements.
  •  Learn to export your photo for print and for web. Learn how to resize and sharpen your image for web.

  • You will learn to start from your post-processing goals, creating a logical workflow on the needs of your RAW file!
  • You will understand how to make small steps and adjustments to get pictures with a strong but natural visual impact.
  • You will receive a lot of creative ideas to create your style over time, giving an identity to your images.
  • The course consists of 6 lessons of 2 hours each and you will have all the time to practice between one lesson and another, thinking about my teachings over the days.
  • We will check together your homework at the beginning of each lesson!
  • Free consulting lesson some months after the end of the course to clear any doubt and let you know if you’re on the right way.
Isabella Tabacchi Landscape Photographer
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Isabella Tabacchi
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Isabella Tabacchi is an award-winning landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.

Despite her young age, she is is one of the most influential landscape photographers in the World.

She is Hasselblad Heroine, MIFA Photographer of the Year 2020 and won the third prize as International Landscape Photographer of The Year.

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