Kamchatka Photo Calendar 2022. Not only a calendar!

A calendar lasts for one year, but this is not just a photo calendar!

In addition to its impressive size, 46 x 65 cm (18 x 25.5 inches), the Kamchatka 2022 Photo Calendar is printed on the highest quality fine art paper.

The White Wall photo lab is the best in the world according to TIPA 2021. It will take care of printing and shipping.

You will receive an unprecedented artistic product and hang it on you wall. 2022 will have been a year accompanied by photos of landscapes at the end of the World!

My Kamchatka landscape photos have been awarded in prestigious competitions such as MIFA 2020, Landscape Photographer of the Year and many others.

Prints and NFTs of images in this photo calendar are owned by collectors from all over the world.

Calendario foto Kamchatka Photo Calendar 2022


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Landscapes in the Kamchatka photo calendar 2022 

Explore the landscapes that I have included in the Kamchatka photo calendar 2022. By hovering the mouse, you will be able to read some information about the place where each photograph was taken. Of course, in the calendar I had to adapt some images to the design.

Kamchatka calendario foto Photo Calendar 2022

January 2022

Mutnovsky volcano crater

A Dante’s hell environment is located near the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano. The “mouths” of sulfur emanated fumes, recreating a science fiction landscape.

Calendario foto Kamchatka

February 2022

Detail of the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano

In this image, the ice merges with rocks made of sulfur and volcanic minerals. Incredible game of colors.

Calendario Foto Kamchatka Photo Calendar 2022

March 2022

Lava field of the Tolbachik volcano

The sunset light on the lava sculptures petrified for years, after the eruption of 2012.

Calendario foto Kamchatka 2022 Photo Calendar 2022

April 2022

View from a cinder cone near the Tolbachik volcano

When the Tolbachik erupted in 1975, it created cinder cones. Basically gigantic hills, hundreds of meters high. On the horizon is the majestic Udina volcano.

vulcano Mutnovsky

May 2022

Detail of the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano.

A column of smoke was coming out from a fumarole inside the crater of Kamchatka’s most active volcano.

Calendario foto Kamchatka

June 2022

Opasny canyon

The most colorful canyon I’ve ever visited. A very deep ravine characterized by many shades of colors.


July 2022

Yellow rhododendrons in front of the volcano

The blooming of yellow rhododendrons is one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Kamchatka.

Valle dei Geyser Kamchatka

August 2022

Dolina Geyzerov

The incredible scenery of one of the most beautiful geothermal areas in the world. An explosion of summer colors and suggestive fumaroles.

Calendario foto Kamchatka Photo Calendar 2022

September 2022


When the Tolbachik erupted in 1975, it created cinder cones. View from one of these. On the horizon is the Udina volcano.

Calendario foto Kamchataka

October 2022

Opasny canyon

Rocce sulfuree che creano un precipizio sull’orrido Opasny.

Kamchatka Mutnovsky volcano

November 2022

Detail of the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano

Fumaroles on the slopes of the Mutnovsky volcano crater. They literally seem to catch fire!

Vulcani Kamchatka

December 2022

Maly Semyachik volcano photographed from the helicopter

The incredible color of the acid water of the crater of the Maly Semyachik volcano.

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Isabella Tabacchi is an award-winning landscape photographer based in the north of Italy.

Despite her young age, she is is one of the most influential landscape photographers in the World.

She is Hasselblad Heroine, MIFA Photographer of the Year 2020 and won the third prize as International Landscape Photographer of The Year.

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